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Paint Supplies
Paint Supplies

High Green Campus SOS

Here at the High Green Development Trust we are about to embark on a VERY exciting project - our biggest yet!

The High Green Community Hub will be a multi purpose space in which HGDT will host or provide a range of activities and services for the local community. This will include Family Services, Community Activities as well courses and Digital Services.

The range of activities and services that will be available in the hub will reflect the local need and will be delivered by public agencies, other organisations or volunteers.



Could you give some time either as a one off or a regular basis?

We need help with:
-  Decorating
​-  Moving furniture
-  Assembling furniture
-  Getting the hub set up for launch
-  All aspects of cleaning
-  Basic building and carpentry

We will also need volunteers to help power the new hub supporting people to access the services and activities such as baby and toddler groups, craft classes and much more.

Please email to discuss volunteering opportunities.


We need many items to get the Hub up and running. This area of the building is in a much needed state of renovation.

Can you, someone you know or a local business help with donations of the following:
-  Carpets
-  Windows (we have at least one that needs replacing maybe     more)
-  Toys and play equipment (must be in excellent and clean condition)
-  Cooker (new only)
-  Kettle, microwave and toaster (new only)
-  Sofas (leather only and must have the original fire label attached) 
-  Light weight desks 
-  Workbenches for craft classes

Please email to discuss donations. Subject to approval and suitability.

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