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Campus Flood Update and Appeal


Yesterday morning we arrived on site to find the nursery corridor and classroom inches deep in water from a burst pipe from a sink off the entrance way corridor. An absolute mess! In turn this water has come through the ceilings and into both the Community Shop and Food Share and Chapelgreen Community Fridge meaning both these areas of the building are closed until further notice. We are working to resolve the issues as soon as possible and will keep our facebook page and website updated. The nursery is also affected, if your children attend please see their page for updates.

We are devastated at the damage that has occurred to these new community spaces. Food has been lost, new shelves sodden and warped, carpets inches deep and will have to come up and ceilings fallen in. The photos don’t show the full extent as the electrics are compromised as so we cannot even turn the lights on in these rooms.

If anyone can donate to help replace the donations lost you can do so here - any amount little or large is so appreciated :

Please note we cannot at this moment in time accept any donations of goods to the shop / food share. Thank you for your support and understanding. We will post further updates as we get them.

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