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Community Fridge is ready to launch

The ‘community fridge’ will be based at The Campus on Pack Horse Lane in High Green and is all set to open Saturday 29th at 11am.

Project Coordinator Angela Woodward, said “Our Community Fridge is for every resident of the local community and our aim is to help reduce food wastage. You will be amazed and shocked at how much edible food goes to landfill on a daily basis. We want to try and tackle this issue.

Shocking statistics show that the average UK family wastes £810 a year by throwing

away food and drink and £3 billion of food is wasted by the food industry every year.

Angela continues “Despite growing awareness of food waste, people and businesses lack easy ways to pass on food near its sell by date to others. We’ve partnered with The Hubbub Foundation and Coop to give the community an easy way to make use of food that is still perfectly edible. We are appealing to residents of ChapelGreen community to help us to reduce this scandalous and meaningless waste of food. It is there for everyone and free to use.”

After a very successful pre launch event in December the fridge will open from this week (29th January), every Saturday 11am - 1pm. Not only will there be the opportunity to grab yourself some free grub but there will be fun activities for all the family, which will raise awareness of how to develop sustainable habits and ultimately save the planet.

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