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Meet The Team

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Chris Hallam

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Having grown up in Chapeltown and High Green, with family still living here, working at HGDT feels like home for Chris.

Chris says "I am really excited about the future for the site and love that every day is different here. Meeting so many local people with a passion for the area is very rewarding.

Fun fact : In his spare time Chris coaches basketball which has taken him to over 30 European countries.


Gail Sutton
Campus Manager

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Gail joined the HGDT team in October 2021 tasked with transforming The Campus into a welcoming yet professional environment for the public and its occupants alike. She is enjoying seeing HGDT expand community presence and initiatives.

Fun fact : For the first year of her life Gail lived in a caravan in the field behind The Crossfield Tavern with her mum and dad.


Lauren Sanderson
Community Engagement Manager

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Lauren has worked and volunteered in the charity sector for almost a decade. Beginning her work at HGDT in September 2021 she is passionate about creating an inclusive and supportive environment to allow the local community to reach its full potential.

Fun fact : Lauren has seen Manchester band The Courteeners over 20 times, and has lost count of the total amount of gigs and concerts she has been to in her lifetime.


David Plotts
Trustee & Volunteer

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David started as a trustee at HGDT in June 2021 and is excited to be leading the Community Garden and Allotment development project for the Trust.

David readily admits that he has very few, if any, growing and gardening skills so is looking forward to lots of local engagement from the community to help develop the site into something the whole community can be proud of.

Fun fact: David was born, raised, and educated in Perth, Australia before moving, at the age of 22, to the UK and Barnsley in 1989.


Michael Kimpton
Facilities Cleaning Services

Michael has worked at The Campus since January 2019 as a member of the facilities cleaning team.


He enjoys nature and wildlife and often walks through Westwood County Park in the summer months before starting work.


Karen Hague

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Over 25 years later Karen is still involved with the building which was the Comprehensive School.  She remembers walking into the abandoned classrooms all those years ago!  


Having retired from her role with the Paces Sheffield charity Karen was delighted to be involved with HGDT again as she was the original seconded worker that helped bring it into existence!


So much has been achieved in that time and Karen tell us that she is proud to continue to play a small part!


Fun fact:  When Karen met the Queen in 2004 to receive an MBE, the military Brass Band was playing songs from Hans Christian Anderson and she had to keep a straight face, and not take offence, when 'There once was an Ugly Duckling’ was played as she curtsied to the Queen!


Adam Roach

Adam is a student and volunteers at the High Green Food Share in his free time. He wants to play a part in helping his local area be the best it can for everyone who lives there. 


Fun Fact: Adam trains in ballet, tap, commercial and jazz dance every day and teaches a local weekly street dance class. He is also a qualified lifeguard. 

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