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The Lives of ChapelGreen : Heritage Films now available to watch online

In 2022 High Green Development commissioned local historian and film maker Joshua Daniels to make a series of local heritage films capturing the histories of High Green, Chapeltown, Burncross, Grenoside and Ecclesfield as well as the stories of some of the remarkable women who live there.

Our aim was to document this history before it is too late, we hope you enjoy these 4 episodes now available to view online after our in person premiere last Friday.

These films will also be added to local archives as well as a time capsule here at The Campus.

Thank you to Joshua and Matthew for their hard work on these films and for all the wonderful ladies who agreed to take part too!

Episode 1 : Chapeltown and Burncross

Episode 2 : Grenoside

Episode 3 : Ecclesfield

Episode 4 : High Green

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