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FREE Event : Lives of ChapelGreen Short Films Premier

Lives of ChapelGreen is a series of short documentaries taking people through the history of each of the places of the Chapel-Green area. Each one will be presented by local historian Joshua Daniels, and shall also feature interviews with some of the wonderful women of each community of High Green, Ecclesfield, Grenoside, Chapeltown and Burncross, to hear how the Chapel-Green area isn’t just a place of wonderful history, but also a thriving community today.

Join us at The Campus for the premiere of these wonderful and inspiring films as we share them for the very first time.

Tickets are free. Donations at the event will be welcomed and will go towards further supporting High Green Development Trusts work within the local community tackling poverty, loneliness and supporting health and wellbeing. Drinks and food included.

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