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Ready, Steady, GO! SEND Baby and Toddler Group is back for 2024!

READY, STEADY, GO! SEND Baby and Toddler Group is back January 10th

Having a SEND child doesn't mean saying no to playgroups! In fact, they can be AMAZING for both your little one and you. Here's why:

  • Meeting other kids helps develop crucial social skills like sharing, taking turns, and making friends. It's a safe space to learn and practice!

  • It's a chance to explore and have fun without overwhelming overload. Our group is small and there's no pressure to join in or follow a set play schedule.

  • Seeing other kids playing freely can boost confidence and encourage your child to try new things.

  • Professional and advice and support available from Cheryl SENCO from Steps Community Nursery who leads the group as well as Amanda from Sheffield Parent Carer Forum.

  • Our lovely volunteers Katy and Jules are on hand to grab you a cuppa and have a chat too.

  • Connect with other SEND parents who "get it."

  • Groups offer invaluable support and understanding, whether it's celebrating milestones or navigating challenges.

  • Need a change of scenery? Groups are a welcome break from the usual routine, giving you both some fun and fresh air.

So, ditch the doubt and come along and check out the group for yourself. Free to attend. No diagnosis needed. No commitments. No need to register beforehand, just come along and see.

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