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Say Hello to Autumn at The Campus

The leaves have started to fall here at The Campus and autumn is now upon us. It's lovely to see how the place transforms in just a few short weeks from bright sun beaming through the green trees, to crisp mornings with the leaves hitting the ground.

We've already seen our nursery children coming and exploring, collecting leaves for their art projects and spotted the local dog walkers adding a layer of clothing as the days draw shorter and cooler. Autumn is full of excitement, festivities and fun, and there is always something to do here at The Campus. Whether it's warming up at a fitness class, clearing the mind with Hatha Yoga or stopping by the cafe for a chat and a hot chocolate - there's something for everyone ... oh and if you prefer cosy nights in at home in the colder months, there's a free library in reception so you can curl up fire side with a good read.

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