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The Campus Food Share - demand is high and donations are low

January is a tough month for many and especially in the current climate. Freezing temperatures see people forced to choose between eating and heating. A horrible reality for so many in our community. At The Campus Food Share we are trying to ease the pressure on local households by providing food for those in urgent need. Here are some of the phenomenal figures from January, collated on the 24th.

65 households are currently registered at the Food Share. That equates to 168 individuals in total including 51 children. They have all used the Food Share at some point in January. 47 of those households have received food in the last 7 days. That is food for 115 individuals including 35 children. So far in January food has been given to 361 people based on the number of people in household and how many visits have been made.

We are so incredibly proud of our volunteer team who give their time to support their local community and run the Food Share.

Our major problem right now is ensuring the supply of food keeps coming to ensure this support can last. Right now donations are slow. Can you help by adding just one extra item to your shopping this week?

We urgently need :

Pasta sauce Coffee Toilet rolls UHT milk

Donations can be made directly to the Food Share Monday - Friday or at The Campus, High Green Development Trust ... if you shop with Company Shop they have a donation trolley at checkout. Alternatively you can make a donation to High Green Development Trust online here.

Any donations of non perishables are so appreciated and really do make a huge difference! Thank you to everyone who is supporting this very important project.

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