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Mind Body and Soil project gets underway.

Mind, Body and Soil project gets underway at The Campus.

Here at The Campus one of our greatest assets is the green area that surrounds our building. A wonderful outdoor space that borders woodland and is perfect for community activity.

We were recently granted £1500 by People Keep Wells Let’s Build Health grants towards getting the allotment area back up and running. It had fallen into a state of over growth and weather damage during lockdown and requires lots of work to get it into a safe and usable space for our community.

Our initial team of allotment volunteers David, John and Jonny are already underway making plans to bring the place back to life. Starting with clearing the old rotten beds and pallets, taking down the weather damaged structures, turning the old ground ready for planting and digging out some of the ground to create a flatter more accessible route in and out.

Exciting times here at The Campus … watch this space.

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